Jul. 24, 2019

Rest Well My Brother, My Friend

This afternoon I was in the presence of my friend of 45 years, my fraternity brother, my line brother whom I met when he was 18 years and I had just turned 20 years old when Rob Williams transitioned at 1:45 this afternoon at Northwest Hospital. I just happened to be visiting my friend when he started his final journey. I along with his mother Ms. Sylvia Williams were in the company of her son, my friend at the time of his passing.

Robert Williams was one of my very best friends in life. Rob was with me when I walked down the aisle in 1978. Rob was my sponsor when we were involved in Amway Products back in the late '70s and early '80s'. Rob was there for me when my first marriage collapsed to pull me through that difficult period in my life. Rob was there for me when I found out my oldest son had a disabling birth disorder. Rob was with me it seemed whenever something happened in my life, whether good or bad. Rob saw me in my weakest times as well as my highest points of life.

As I sat in Room 1 of the Northwest Hospital Hospice today watching my best friend's life leave his body. I could only wish that Rob would miraculously wake up and say what's happening Joe Smoke. However, that wasn't in the cards for my fraternity brother, my best friend. You see it was his time to take the journey that we all will one day take. It was his time to make those final amends to his God. It was his time to say goodbye to all his loved ones. I wanted so much to give him all my energies but it just wasn't possible. Robert's life had ended and now we, his fraternity brothers, his two sons Nigel and Rob Jr., his mother Sylvia Williams, his brother Sylvester Rinaldo Williams, his other family members and friends can only hold on to those precious memories that Robert Jeffrey Williams provided us.

Rob loved his fraternity, he loved his community and he most definitely loved his blackness. I will continue to hold those personal precious memories of my friend, my brother, my compadre, my road dog in my early adult years, close to my heart. This isn't goodbye my brother for certainly we will meet again in the final resting place for all Iota Phi Theta Brothers Alpha Iota Omega Memorial Chapter, Big Rob, thank you for allowing me to share in your final passing. No need to console me today because I am happy, so happy that my friend isn't in any more pain or discomfort, his once strong body had given in but his spirit will evermore be triumphant.

Rest In Everlasting Peace
Robert Jeffrey Williams
DC Rob 14A74