Jul. 27, 2019

The Massacre at Fort Negro Black & Native Americans Struggle Against White Oppression

On July 27, 1816, 203 years ago, the massacre at Fort Negro in the Spanish Florida territory occurred. Fort Negro housed escaped slaves and most likely Native Indians were working together to build Ujamaa. They sought a cooperative plan to work outside of the institutional frameworks of slavery that stole the opportunity to build self-determination and economic independence in Spanish Florida. This collective effort of economic cooperation wasn't acceptable to the plantation-owning white elitists of the southern slave states.

This enclave ​of escaped slaves had developed a colony in Spanish Florida but it was not to be. Since that black community was a threat to the expansion and survival of slavery in the states of Georgia and Alabama as well as all the other slaveholding​​ southern states. So, the Secretary​ of War, William Crawford, ordered future President Andrew Jackson to level Fort Negro and all the inhabitants​ within the walls of this fort. The Blackman Who Reads Aloud is reading an account written by historian Dr. Wasserman today. In addition, I'm remembering that our​ majestic black history need not ever be a black mystery.

The lesson that this nation should've learned but didn't is that freedom was a sacred right for all people, not just white people. The inhabitants of Fort Negro simply wanted to be left alone to experience that sacred freedom. However, the white purveyors of institutional slavery couldn't and wouldn't allow that to occur. Especially with the slave rebellion in Haiti still fresh in their minds.​