Jul. 28, 2019

Mr. Uncle Sam Just Send The Reparations Check No Need For A Party

Yesterday, July 28, 2019, marked the 151st anniversary of the ratification of the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution. It was deemed one of the most essential part of those Civil War constitutional amendments. For the 14th amendment delivered citizenship rights to our ancestors held in bondage for nearly 228 years. The guarantee of equal protection under the law, the reality that besides the vote which would come to black men in 1870. Every black man, woman, and child supposedly had the weight and force of the United States government to protect them.

Why doesn't this date hold special significance in the black communities throughout this nation? Why don't black families have citizenship parties all across this nation? Why don't fireworks light up the sky in recognition of this momentous date of ratification? Why aren't speeches given? Why don't we make pilgrimages to the home of those famous congressmen and senators who fought so valiantly for this amendment's passage? Should special celebrations be held at the home of Frederick Douglass in Anacostia? Shouldn't every black American have this date etched in their memory like the 4th of July? Juneteenth? The bombing of Pearl Harbor? Or even 9/11?

Well, no because of the fact that for nearly a century the 14th Amendment was a paper lie. It carried no more weight than the speed limit at 4:00 AM in the morning on a desolate highway. That's why I waited one full day to repost this blog selection from 2017. Our ancestors had no citizenship rights for the better part of the period between 1868-1964, except for a brief time of Black Reconstruction from 1868-1977. So, that's why there is no celebration or no fireworks. We were sold a bill of lies. So, why celebrate the insufficient check of American citizenship? During the period of time when the 14th Amendment was supposedly being enforced every right a black man, black woman, or black child had was stripped with the full consent of the very federal government that was sworn to protect them.

So never mind about the parties scheduled for July 28, 2020. While don't you Mr. Uncle Sam just send the reparations checks.