Jul. 29, 2019

If I Were Mayor Of Baltimore City Today?

If I were the Mayor of Baltimore City and I read this recent tweet on Twitter from the creamsicle currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I would've been on the phone line within seconds of seeing the following tweet:

"even to new heights of success and glory, but not with King Elijah and that crew. When the leaders of Baltimore want to see the City rise again, I am in a very beautiful oval-shaped office waiting for your call!"

You see to me, that would've been an ideal time to put President Trump's urban economic policies on the front page. Rather than wasting precious time going tit for tat with Trump on the Elijah Cummings situation. This situation that has become more of and he said and everyone else roars back word battle. I would really see exactly what Trump has to offer to rebuild not only the Seventh Congressional District but also the entire City of Baltimore.

What does the current Mayor Young have to lose? He doesn't have to be in a position of groveling now to Trump. It seems that Trump has provided him and his administrative leaders an open door to contact the most powerful political leader of the strongest nation in the world. You can still hate the man but damn can you really turn down an opportunity to force his hand to deliver economic aid to our troubled city? If Trump simply tries to placate the Mayor with platitudes, or speak talk the media will be all over this situation. It will have revealed Trump's real nature that of simply spreading venom without a true aim or objective.

Are Elijah Cummings personal feelings more important than gaining some federal financial support to the multiple communities in need throughout the City of Baltimore? I really feel that many of our brothers and sisters have a certain feeling about Elijah Cummings that mirror somewhat the tweets that Trump has implied about Cummings success rate in driving down many of the horrid conditions that are prevalent currently in the great and historic Seventh Congressional District.

Has Elijah Cummings been as successful a representative as his two predecessors, Parren Mitchell and Kwesi Mfume? That is a question that should be answered right. Elijah Cummings has held that congressional seat for almost twice as long as Parren Mitchell and for 7 longer terms than Kwesi Mfume. Since 1996 has the whole of the Seventh Congressional District improved measurably? I am not talking about the conditions in the Seventh that border Howard County. I would like to know the condition in the Seventh that includes Baltimore City; that is, in fact, crime-ridden includes many dilapidated and bordered up homes, includes many so-called drug markets, where older residents are locked in their homes at night for fear of the terror that is in the streets, and where many school children aren't able to master even the most basic of educational requirements in reading, math, and the sciences.

You cannot hurt Elijah Cummings feelings when you and your beloved city are facing the myriad of issues that confront your administration daily. Elijah Cummings could actually be beneficial in spearheading any specific projects through Congress. He hardly needs the photo opportunity to be seen with Donald Trump. So leave him at home that day. Take Marilyn Mosby, the current State's Attorney, Brandon Scott, the current City Council President and yourself to the White House with a list of demands and simply put those proposals in Donald Trump's hands. You know put the proverbial foot where is current mouth is. Don't give him an opportunity for a photo-op to feed his enormous ego. When asked by the press why you are there simply feed the tweet of Trump's invitation:

"even to new heights of success and glory, but not with King Elijah and that crew. When the leaders of Baltimore want to see the City rise again, I am in a very beautiful oval-shaped office waiting for your call!"

You see, he actually is giving the city's leadership the golden opportunity to place it's agenda forward in a national venue. Do you think the media will not be all anxious to cover this meeting? It will be the Great City of Baltimore versus Donald Trump. If only I was Mayor. Once I saw that tweet I would be salivating for an opportunity to help my city rise again. The heel with party politics our community's conditions is way past that point. Do you think Al Sharpton is going to get you any economic support to bridge the gap in the multiple issues our city faces? Or any of the other talking heads going to get you the needed resources to feed the conditions present in Baltimore City? Is MSNBC going to provide you solutions? Is CNN crying moderators going to provide you assistance?

The time is now for the urban national economic plan to be set forth. This is an opening you need to spread the national urban agenda. Hell, what do you have to lose? Make the call Jack Young use Trump's words to forward Baltimore's agenda. Just maybe you will be able to get something out of this situation than more speak talk.