Jul. 29, 2019

Once We Get Started

Rufus and Chaka Khan had a song that they released in 1974 that is very appropriate for this post. The name of that song is Once You Get Started. I am changing the word You to We, as this epic song relates to the recent performances by two young dynamic ebony swimmers in our country, Simone Manuel and Reece Whitley. They have both splashed on to the world's Olympic swimming pools with attitudes of supreme confidence.

Who said black folks can't swim and can't swim fast Simone is the Wilma Rudolph of the pool. She's about to take Tokyo 2020 by storm like Wilma took Paris by storm in 1960. Simone is the guided dark gilder of the deep. Simone is the ebony mermaid the world just uncovered. Watch out world we bout to take over the pools once that is done all the myths of black water weaknesses will erase, poof into the clouds of eternity.

Simone will lead a legion of black swimmers into the deep end of the pool. No more standing in the shallow end black folks going directly to the deep end. Every HBCU will follow Howard University and re-establish there swimming programs. I can see crowds of ebony fans flocking to swim meets across the country cheering the newly minted Simone Manuel's of the world on! Our young black masters are going to be breaking world records all over the globe.

We already have a 6-foot 9-inch black male Reece Whitley dominating the breaststroke. Wait until Reece takes on that Tokyo Olympic Pool in 2020. Now we have Simone dominating the freestyle 50 and 100. What's next? We gotta get our butterfly ebony swimmers on point. Once we get started, oh we just can't stop.