Jul. 31, 2019

Pre-Handicapping Tonight's Debate

Tonight I am particularly interested in hearing from Michael Bennet current US Senator from Colorado, Jay Inslee current Governor of Washington State, Julian Castro former Obama Cabinet Member, and Businessman Andrew Yang. I really liked that fact that Jay Inslee voted against the War in Iraq, that's a definite plus. He didn't roll over as Biden did and become a cheerleader for that unjust misadventure. Kristen Gillibrand also voted against that misadventure in Iraq but will she lead a misadventure in Iran? Her strong financial Jewish ties may force her hand. I really think that Senator Bennet's plans for universal health care and a vibrant strategic environment plan are certainly worth investigating better. He certainly doesn't have the political baggage that a former Colorado Senator had when he ran for office. Anyone remember Gary Hart? Nice guy great ideas, however, full of personal flaws. What was the name of that boat, Monkey Business? What is it about white politicians and monkeys. I feel that I know enough about Biden to hope that he says something divisive or hugs someone to tightly to end his campaign. Right now neither Harris or Booker float my political boat. I simply can't ignore Harris's work at incarcerating black males to gain a political advantage or Corey Booker's political ties to the big money Pharma and Wall Street financiers. However, I will not close my ears when these two politicians talk but I am past the point of supporting a candidate simply because of race. I am sorry but hell no on Bill De Blasio he can stay home tonight as can Tulsi Gabbard is she related to the congresswoman who was shot in that Arizona shopping center? In a perfect world to add balance to the ticket an Eastern/Western Presidential Ticket would be the best possible option. Because in all likelihood the southern states are non-competitive for the Democrats. Maybe, a Warren-Inslee Ticket would be able to swoop in, take those battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, thus securing the Electoral College victory along with the popular vote. However, in all likelihood, it will be Biden-Harris pulling out the nomination. That is if Kamala Harris doesn't kill her chances at the VP nod by eviscerating Biden again tonight in Detroit.