Aug. 1, 2019

5 Political Thoughts After This Weeks' Democratic Debates

I had some thoughts after Monday and Tuesday's debates in Detroit Michigan ranging from the discussion on reparations that developed on Monday, to the future jobs economy coming by as soon as 2030, to the environmental concerns one related directly to the type of warriors this nation needs to produce to attack the most dangerous enemy humanity is facing our very own planet.

First up let's discuss the issue of reparations. If these Democratic candidates think that 250-500 billion dollars will ease the tensions that blacks are feeling related to reparations, they are sadly mistaken. Yes, African Americans whose ancestors faced the evils of institutional slavery along with the century that followed whereby the federal and state governments maintained a new form of enslavement based solely on race must receive recompense. Marianne Williamson, who is this woman really and why are we taking her seriously? She spoke on Monday that African American descendants deserved between 250-500 billion dollars to remove the scrab of slavery. Sorry, Marianne, that's not going to cut it. She also dismissed the idea of establishing a Reparations Commission. Well, in order to develop the correct compensation this nation must fully account for the harm it heaped on our black ancestors. I would think that the most recent figures placed the financial harm of the period between 1619-1965 at 100 trillion dollars. Did I just someone talk about a guaranteed income for life?

Second, the advances in technology, robotics, artificial intelligence will be responsible for the elimination of millions of jobs across the planet. If we think many of the jobs Americans are doing today will be around in 2029. Well, you are sadly mistaken and most likely living in a cocoon. Our world is outpacing most of mankind. Let’s look back as we look ahead. Martin Luther King discussed a guaranteed living income for every American. Andrew Yang spoke briefly about it last night. It may be time to research this concept further. It will come to pass in this nation and the world that free time will easily exceed work time. Is our nation ready for that shift, economically and socially? Are colleges and universities preparing students for yesterday's world or tomorrows?

Third. it’s time to stop kicking the can down the road on the environment because we are on a dead-end street. No middling environmental policies will work now. We’ve passed the point of no return as it pertains to the earth's ecological balance. We've managed to tip the scales towards the earth destruction more rapidly than any scientist would've anticipated. Did you say it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Juno, Alaska last month? We have allowed the fossil fuel industries to structure our ecological policies by putting a premium on lobbying efforts and cash payments to greedy politicians in our Nation's Capital. I understand the urgency of the ecological crisis this planet is facing. My question is does any candidate have to balls to face those energy lobbyists and ceos with a ball and chain and prison cells? People who believe in the flat earth aren’t as stupid as we think. Because we all are about to fall off the damn cliff.

Fourth, back to the environment and the re-establishment of our military in the coming decades. The time has come for the United States to reconsider the type of warriors are needed in the military. No longer will it be necessary to arm our soldiers to the teeth with guns and ammo. The next generation of soldiers needs to be sent to the far corners of the world armed with ideas and concepts to address the world’s environmental issues. If you have an army of individuals tasked with saving our planet. Then maybe guns will not be necessary because your military is extending human life rather than tasked with ending a human’s life.

And finally, as we look back and look ahead. The candidates can no longer take advantage of the voters. The democrats knew how disastrous Trump was in 2016 but felt that the election was in the bag. They didn’t understand the level of discontent white voters were feeling about 8 years of Obama’s presidency. The Democratic Party also didn’t fight for every single minority vote. They assumed the minority vote numbers that came out in 2008 and 2012 would be replicated without any real effort to motivate those vote. It was a sense that black folk issues didn’t need addressing because it was a guaranteed vote and a large turnout was a guarantee. The Democratic Party felt that white women would leap to a chance of getting a woman elected to occupy the White House. They miscalculated the support in the all-important battleground states which turned the election totally around. Next year is a critical election for the coming future generations. Make the wrong choice in 2020 and this country will be sunk, environmentally, judiciously, and socially. I don’t think the same old candidate on the ticket will motivate voters to the election booth in 2020. I feel this nation wants someone who can generate energy and attract new voters as well as securing those voters who stayed home in 2016. If the Democratic Party can turn the battleground states around. Then Donald Trump will have no place to hide. He cannot win the nomination by simply winning the Red Southern States. I am asking that the Democratic Party be very careful the same old same old stale solutions. This simply cannot or will not motivate new voters to engage in the political process. The Democratic Party need candidates with new-age thinking to save this old-age world. The good thing is I saw a few of these candidates on the stage in Detroit this week. The question is will the Democratic Party and the voters engage in real change or simply continue to kick the bucket of change down that dead-end street?