Aug. 1, 2019

Wild Wild East West Northeast Southeast Northwest B'More City

Just like Deadwood, Dodge City, and Tombstone the days of the "wild west shootouts" has supposedly ended in Baltimore City. Perps will now have to turn in their guns before entering the city's borders. Will this mandate making the ability to have a gun unregistered on the city streets a federal crime, truly make a difference in the murder by a gun rate in B'more. Right now gun violence is more like a deadly virus with no cure in sight as of today?

The murder rate for July 2019 was higher than it has been since 2015. So will federal agents now man Baltimore City streets? Where will all these juvenile offenders and young black men be housed? I assume that the nearest that the Cumberland Federal Corrections Facility will become the wayward home for any individual caught with a weapon in Baltimore City.

Is this the type of aid that Donald Trump was offering? More jail cells, more federal bails, a trip to Cumberland on the rails. How about solutions to the myriad of issues facing the young blacks arming themselves? How about putting the gun manufacturers and illegal gun sellers on point? As of today I still don't see guns being manufactured by blacks in this nation. I guess it's time to pull Kool Moe Dee Wild, Wild West song out for the city residents because getting ready for federal time for any and all gun crimes.