Aug. 10, 2019

A Powerful Message From A Friend "Justin Black"

"Claiming Power 2019"
Acrylic, Painting
Style: Loose, Cultural, free-handed, textured.
Size: 36in x 48in (Canvas)
US $110,000
Read below!!!

I will be donating $100,000 of this painting's proceeds to the Historically Black College & Universities sports program of the buyers choice. If the buyer has no preference, I will be donating the money to my Alma Mata Morgan State University.

The NCAA has recently implemented a rule that states agents will now have to hold a bachelor's degree, be certified with the NBA Players' Association for a minimum of three straight years, pass a background check, and once they do that, agents will have to take an in-person exam at the NCAA's office in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 6. Among other minor stipulations.

This rule has immediately been dubbed the "Rich Paul Rule." This is a clear knock-on Paul's hustle over the years, as he strives to give power back to the players and maximize their growth and potential without a "University Degree."

In a limiting fashion, I believe the NCAA hopes this stops the next "unqualified" agent to work freely. Many think this new rule is racist and classless; big names have spoken out about the issue from Lebron James to Kevin Hart.

This particular work was inspired by Chris Broussard. He responded to the new rule by stating:

"They're calling it the 'Rich Paul Rule,' which is appropriate but I'm gonna call it something else: Straight up racism, but instead of crying, complaining, and begging, it's time for black people to take action. You fight power with power, and one of our greatest sources of power is our athletic dominance."

"I know some of them are NCAA, but at least the millions of dollars you generate would go to benefiting black people who are in dying need of economic empowerment," said Broussard.

"So I'm calling on all of our great black football and basketball players, instead of going to these big universities that chew you up, spit you out, and don't care about you, go to an HBCU, a Howard, Morehouse, Hampton, Xavier of New Orleans and many other schools.

As an HBCU alum and athlete, I believe this is prevalent and essential for the next generation. So I have created "Claiming Power" 2019 with the hopes to keep this conversation going and opening the door for the next generation of Black stars. So I'm calling on all celebrities, professional athletes and Black leaders to step up.

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Justin Black played at THE MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY for 4 years. He was All-MEAC as well as All-MEAC Rookie. Justin Black graduated from MSU in 2015 and has trailblazed ever since on this continent as well as on the European continent. If you want to see and understand black artistic talent please visit Mr. Justin Black's webpage Justin is a dynamic young black man who has set his course to changing the world with both his words and his art. I am simply proud to call Mr. Justin Black my friend and colleague.