Aug. 12, 2019

Real Change Starts With Real Deal Black Candidates

"“Every black fraternal, black sorority, major black social organization, the major black civil organizations need to get fully committed behind the ADOS movement for reparations. If any candidate for political office running for any municipal, state, or federal office doesn't agree to support the process of securing reparations, whether, they be black, white, red or yellow, democrat of republican than that candidate loses the support of the community they intend to represent. In addition, these organizations should demand an audit of each candidates voting history as it relates to issues of importance to the black community he/she represents as well as national issues of importance. We can no longer accept candidates without a valid portfolio of the agendas critical to black economic, educational, and social development. This means that every incumbent must be put under a microscope to ensure that they are proponents of real change, not just elected officials cashing their payroll checks, lobbyists checks and doing nothing else for blighted communities they represent.“"