Aug. 13, 2019

Medgar Evers Speaks Man's Obligation To God And Man's Obligation To Man

62 years ago on a steamy hot August 11, 1957, at Mount Heron Baptist in Vicksburg, Mississippi Medgar Evers delivered this message to the congregation at the Men's Day Program. So on this muggy humid day in August 2017 in his words, my voice, I reenact the words of that powerful message. Those words spoken 62 years ago are still relevant today as we challenge ourselves to better our communities for the coming generations.‚Äč

We do in fact as men have an obligation to God to stay within the bounds of humanity and decentness. A man also has an obligation to men to ensure a bounty of life's richness. Yes, a man must stay within those bounds of humanity and decentness. Sometimes that bounty is not measured by material wealth but it is measured by prosperity in friends, prosperity in health, and prosperity in that man's family.

Because of man's inhumanity to man, some men who delve into this realm are seemingly seen as prosperous. We may see men seeking prosperity by illegitimate ways. That doesn't make that gain godly. It, in fact, demeans those who seek to prosper by gain through inflicting pain on others. What Medgar Evers was saying that Sunday in Vicksburg, Mississippi to that congregation was even though we may see suffering. We shouldn't cross the line towards inhumanity because, in the end, those acts of indecency will reflect negatively on our paths in life.

I love reading the words of Medgar Evers although many of his words were not documented because his life was cut so short. However, if you decide to walk in the shadow of Medgar Evers, you will lead a life of purpose and your life gains will indeed provide positive life gains for others you encounter on your path. By staying true to both the obligations one has to both his God and to other men.