Aug. 15, 2019

Where Is That Voice Coming From: The First Person Fictional Account Of A White Racist Killing A Blac

Eudora Welty wrote this story for the New Yorker Magazine after the murder of Medgar Evers in Jackson, Mississippi on June 12. 1963. She didn't use the names of either Medgar Evers or his murderer. Nor did she use Jackson, Mississippi as the city where the murder occurred. However, her first-person​ account coming from the perspective of the white racist assassin​ details what Byron De La Beckwith may have been thinking prior to and after his murderous deed. I am reading this story today because on The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour I am reading How To Be An Antiracist. Surely Medgar Evers was an antiracist murdered by the worst of bigots. We still suffer in this nation from men who think as​ Medgar Evers murderer thought. It must get better, it has to get better, doesn't it?