Aug. 16, 2019

August 16, 1938, Robert L. Johnson The Greatest Blues Guitarist Ever Died

Robert Leroy Johnson, it is said sold his sold to the Devil Man for the gift of blues genius, women, and fame. Well, fame would only come after his death. Today, on August 16, 1938, at the age of 27, the Devil Man came'a calling for his price of Robert's poor soul.

That was 81 years ago today and by my count ain't no one played that guitar like Robert L. Johnson since, cause me's guess that no ones sold their poor soul to that Devil Man. If you appreciate black genius you have to appreciate Robert Johnson although I think that Robert's persistence and a desired for greatness deserves the credit, not the Devil Man.

Robert Leroy Johnson born May 11, 1911,‚Äč and died Agust 16, 1938, he was simply the greatest that ever was, and ever will be.