Aug. 22, 2019

Chicken Sandwiches and Shawn Carter

"Black America again seems to be off the rails when a genetically hormone-induced chicken sandwich is the talk of our community or if Shawn Carter is or is not a sellout for doing what Shawn Carter seems to do best, which is making bank. While all-around, those chicken sandwich questioning folks and Shawn Carter sellout folks, many of the schools in amongst those concern sandwich-Carter folks continue to collapsing and available black economic opportunities are few and far between. We will support Popeye's, hate on our brothers and sisters but neglect what is truly going to build protect our futures. Why not focus our misguided energies to ensuring a quality education for our children. We need to look beyond color and look towards aligning ourselves with policies and policymakers bent on the uplift of our communities. Start plans that will erase policies that stifle our community's progress. Stop supporting policymakers who aren't committed to our overall economic prosperity. If Shawn Carter gains revenue from his deal with the NFL that can then be reimagined into building black community growth. Where is the harm in that model? We've been used so long by the powers to be. Why not use those same powers of harm to help us do some and gain some immeasurable good? We have to begin to look long-term because we continue to get caught up in short-term bullxxit that it diverts our attention. The media and social diversionary tactics are tools of those who want us to get caught in staying in the status quo. How much of the chicken sandwiches purchased by the black community revenue actually gets back into the black community that has started this movement?"