Aug. 23, 2019

Provoked Friday Night Thought 1619

"If slavery is America's original sin? Just how many additional sins to Americans of African Descent is America responsible after slavery supposedly ended? I mean the American sin list is long and still growing. If the true story of slavery, as well as the after-effects of renewed slavery, was really taught in our intermediate and secondary schools. The sins of slavery would be even more appalling to this nation and the world. If we taught our elementary school children the realities of our founding fathers rather than the fairytales of disbelief. The nation wouldn't balk at paying some form of reparations to level the balance scales which upended Americans of African Descent for over 4 centuries. Every American should be obligated to read and digest The 1619 Project to get a full sense of the criminality that is still evident in this nation as a result of America's original sin. There should be discussions across the racial, economic, educational, and social sectors of this nation to confront finally the devastating effect slavery has had on past, present, and future American of African Descent in this nation. Until those discussions are held and the issues discussed and solutions developed there will seemingly always be two America's with two entirely different agendas and directions. We cannot solve our societal race problems until we confront the ever-present, overarching issue that soils the fabric of this nation, slavery. Will, we ever be that nation of the people, by the people, and for the people? Or will the issue of race always displace that creed? Was that creed always meant to be an imaginary illusion that sounded good on paper but was never intended to be realized in our nation?"