Aug. 25, 2019

Who Are You Empowering With This Message Mr. Church Leader?

This afternoon on Facebook I was confronted, appalled, disgusted, perplexed and utterly confused with this image. I don't know the church that would plaster this verse from the Old Testament's Book of Malachi on a bulletin board with a list of church congregants who failed to meet the standards of tithing. However, where ever this church is where I a member tithing or not. I would immediately rescind my members-only card. This is one of my major reasons with organized religion the drive to force individuals to make financial contributions to the church by use of threats of moral depravity. Our black communities throughout our experiences in this nation from iron shackles of bondage to invisible shackles of injustice have been faithful, courageous followers of the religions forced upon us by our oppressors. We as a people have conformed, customized and reinvented those religious beliefs to satisfy the needs that spiritual uplift demanded by the oppressive conditions that were prevalent in our homes, communities, and institutions. So when I see messages like this I get completely turned off to supporting this message as godly. If anything if you understand the Book of Malachi it talks of people who had turned away from God after being in the land of Judea after a century of the arrival by Moses.

If anything black people aren't in that position of turning away from God. As a matter of fact, black people have turned towards God for unanswered questions related to all of this world's problems seemingly heaped upon us as a people in this nation. Look around at our deprivations we face in this nation. We face economic deprivation, educational deprivations, institutional deprivations, health deprivations, our children are forced to consume lead water without any sense of this situation is resolved, and we still continue to fall behind all the racial groups in terms of group progress. If any peoples would have a reason not to tithe with a fervent belief it would be black people in this nation. Malachi, means messenger, God's messenger announcing the coming of the Prophet John The Baptist and Jesus Christ. God is calling mankind to repent of there evil ways, to move back to the way of godly acts. The sins of mankind were stripping away from the prosperity of mankind. Well, since the vast majority of blacks in this nation haven't experienced that prosperity how dare a church of God decide to make this shameful bulletin calling out its black congregants to fall in line, or else face the wrath of the coming of the new Messiah.

The vast number of blacks in this nation historically has been obedient and faithful to God's word. When everything around was crumbling the fact of the matter is that obedience and faith in God never wavered. It actually became stronger. So, please whoever would be motivated to place this ill-begotten bulletin board up shaming congregants to pay up or else. they need to take a long hard look at our black history in this nation. Because God didn't ask for simply monies in tithes. More than money God is asking his followers for faith in the most troubling of times. Black people in this nation have indeed paid that price in spades. I simply cannot fathom a church making such a demand. Yet, I remember as a young black boy seeing my brother being jacked up at church for his offering by the church's deacon. Times change but methods of deceitful actions by some churches remain the same. This photo is emblematic of why blacks step way from religion. Because the so-called leaders of specific churches simply don't have any idea about what the word of God is truly saying. That's my message for today. I hope I didn't offend anyone's religious sensitivities because that was not my intent. Martin Luther King talked about empowering the powerless, this bulletin board message is certainly not about empowering anything other than the church leader's ego.