Aug. 27, 2019

August 27, 1963 William E. Dubois "BEHOLD THE LAND" October 20, 1946

On August 27, 1963, in Accra, Ghana at the age of 95 years William Edward Burghardt DuBois died. His death occurred on the eve of the March For Jobs And Freedom in Washington DC. The death of W.E.B. DuBois was announced to the crowd who were attending the march. This march would've have been the culmination of DuBois's life because of the participants in the march. They ranged the full spectrum of the races, religions, and creeds seeking justice against racial bigotry and hate. Today, in honor of Dubois life I am bringing back a reading of one of Dr. Dubois's last speeches given in this nation in 1946 before he made his pilgrimage to Africa.
On October 20, 1946, seventy-eight-year-old W.E.B DuBois delivered the address at the closing session of the Southern Youth Legislature in Columbia South Carolina. Although this was one of his last major orations, he used the occasion to inspire his audience to continue the struggle for racial justice to which he had devoted his life. Seventeen years later on August 28, 1963, many of these youthful attendees were present in Washington DC as adults seeking jobs and racial freedom. Dubois wouldn't live to see the actual March on Washington DC because he died on August 27, 1963. Yet, it was because of the intellectual fortitude and drive of black men like Dubois that the March On Washington came to be. Let's continue to acknowledge our historical elders even though we may have disagreements with some of their strategies. It was quite a challenge to step out against a system that would've easily eliminated you than to have to speak your mind.‚Äč