Aug. 31, 2019

Bring Back Black Athletic Excellence In Our HBCU's

I'm wondering how all these black athletes playing for primarily white institutions feel about whipping up on our historically black institutions? I mean do they really have any historical dismay about running up the scores on these black institutions? I know why historically black institutions are placed into the position of taking these early season whippings. The schools take the whippings for a day game check period. The percentage of the number of competitive games is almost nil. I watched a little of Howard University playing the University of Maryland this afternoon. The score is 56-0 after the second quarter. Howard University has only gotten one first down the entire first half. Even though Howard University has the MEAC 2018 Player of Year behind center Caylin Newton, brother of NFL QB Cam Newton. It's utterly ridiculous that our black institutions are forced to play in these debacles.

Just a few weeks ago noted sports reporter Chris Broussard asked that the top black athletes reconsider spending time at these primarily white institutions. Chris indicated that these athletes would be better served attending the historically black colleges and universities. My question is will either the black athletes and their parents, many of whom attended HBCU will ever listen to that call to action? If the nation's top black athletes actually attended HBCU's you think that these early schedule ass-kickings that the primarily white institutions whip on our historically black institutions would actually be scheduled? In our black history before racial integration ended the ultra-athletic competitiveness of our historically black colleges and universities. Professional scouts were stationed at these HBCU's looking for the talented players who would eventually star in the professional leagues. 26 HBCU players ended up in Canton's Professional Football Hall of Fame.

So the argument that attending HBCU by the top black athletes would minimize their opportunities to get visibility and recognition is ludicrous. Talent will be identified by professional scouts whether it be on the football fields or the basketball courts. The stands may not seat 80,000 people but the possibility exists that 40,000 fans of more will show up on our historically black colleges and universities. In addition, with so many stadiums in major cities can you image Thursday and Saturday football games featuring schools like North Carolina A&T versus Southern University with the 100 of the top 2500 black athletes playing for these schools. You could see a renewal of games like Grambling vs. Morgan State with Morgan featuring the top 50 players from the DMV versus Grambling featuring the top 50 players from Louisana. I mean you don't think that sports networks wouldn't feature these games as primetime events?

In 1954 our black colleges and universities began to get neglected in the not only the classrooms but the tickle became a downpour of talent leaving those institutions. We have hardly gained economically from the integration of this nation. The theme of Trump's followers is MAGA well I say that the theme of black athletic renewal is BBBAE, Bring Back Black Athletic Excellence. No longer should we have to be sacrificial lambs to these primarily white institutions. We can rebuild our black colleges and universities athletic programs so that the revenue gained from media coverage will allow for better athletic facilities and financial donors. Aren't we tired of being shown the door at the early ass whippings? Why do we have to act as if these primarily white institutions are doing our black colleges and universities a favor by giving us a check for an annual ass-kicking? If these games become truly competitive do you think these primarily white institutions would schedule these games? Of course not, because behind these ass-kickings is the racist premise of we'll play you as as as you don't win a single game. It's time to seriously stop this madness. We've been disrespected enough in this nation. No reparations, no social equality, police brutality, mass incarceration, economic deprivation, stop it, let's change the story, change the script, all our young black athletes have to do is make a conscious decision to not be used as tools of embarrassment again.