Sep. 2, 2019

Why Not Albert Gore Jr. In 2020?

Our environment is in a horrible mess. The inconvenient truth is that our environment concerns have been ignored far too long. In addition, our nation's infrastructure is collapsing all around us while our governmental leaders act as if they are the three monkeys seeing, hearing and knowing no evil.

I don't understand with all these issues emerging related to the collapsing environment and this nation's infrastructure why doesn't Albert Gore enter the race for the Presidency. I am sure he could beat Trump in the bellwether battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida. Especially in Florida with no Bushes to impede the electoral process. I cannot blame Gore for Clinton's mass incarceration policies of black men.

One thing I do know is that I will feel a great deal better with Gore shepherding the ecological issues than any of the other candidates. Plus Gore is a youthful 71 years of age. If we can get Gore to stand behind some aspects of black reparations he'll be more than a viable Democratic candidate against Donald Trump's supporters. In my mind, he'd be possibly the strongest candidate that the Democratic Party could produce. His record on social policies is strong, his educational policies are also formidable, and most importantly Gore actually served in the military. So Trump would have to avoid his military record on the campaign trail.

I get a sense that some of the party's leadership needs to go Albert Gore Jr. and make this case for his candidacy in 2020. Gore isn't a loser. Gore actually won the 2000 Presidential General Election. Had the US Supreme Court had allowed all the votes to be counted in Florida rather than stopping the process with the Gore v. Bush decision. This conversation would be mute because Al Gore would've been President from 2000-2008.

I think that Gore needs to seriously consider running for the Office of President. I think that Gore with his southern base of supporters would end this campaign for most of these 20 democratic candidates. Why not Albert Gore Jr. in 2020?