Sep. 4, 2019

Ugly Baltimore City Summer 2019

From Memorial Day 2019 to Labor Day 2019, 108 murders were documented in Baltimore City. That is a percentage of 1.16 murders per day over that 93 day period. That is simply unacceptable. These murders, if they occurred in a mass shooting, would draw the nation ire and be the lead story in every in news outlet across the country. However, since they occurred over the entire summer even the residents living in Baltimore seem nonchalant and passive about these insidious wanton acts of violence. When will we as a nation get truly disturbed about this senseless, meaningless loss of life? Is it because the majority of the victims are young and black that it doesn't reach a level of utter disgust? I don't know but I wonder? Did a possible Martin Luther King or Malcolm X end up in a black body bag this summer