Sep. 20, 2019

It’s Up To Us Period!

"America has become a nation contingent on a 15 minute cycle of news and entertainment importance. We who are connected to varying levels of intellectual knowledge of the multiple news and editorial columns see all that is collectively wrong with multiple governmental agencies from every division of this nation from the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial understand the failures, the gaps in equality but it seems that we have become the minority in this nation. The disinterested, the ignorant, and those solely concerned with the trivial are the majority. These Americans don’t read the news sites, or the editorial blogs that uncover the injustices. That’s how America’s Americans can end up with a President like Donald Trump, or Supreme Court Justices like Kavanaugh or Thomas, or Senators like McConnell, or multiple congressmen who are more concerned about filling their individual pockets with graft than passing bills that truly assist in supporting Americans in need not just Americans focused on greed. We don’t have a media driven by truth but media driven by stats. That’s clearly a reason our government and financial institutions are comprised of financial fat cats feeding political rats. We can only stop this drift towards irrelevancy by the many by spending more time educating ourselves on real issues not games, or sports, or movies but real issues that will effect our day to day living. Read a book. Spend some moments each day on informative blogs. Learn about the environmental concerns that will either drive our planet forward or leave our planet hopeless. Read and gain knowledge on a candidate’s platform not a candidate’s lifestyle. If we do this we can make a true difference in how our government and our institutions are managed. It is truly up to us as my daughter says period!"