Sep. 24, 2019

Provoked Thought Too Many Games

"As much as I thoroughly enjoyed viewing NFL football games growing up. I can say with complete candor I have lost most of my interest in the NFL now. I loved the game when I was a young boy growing up in Baltimore. Now, not so much. It's not the same game I was attached to then. Of course, the reasons why the game has changed are recognizable. The injuries that the players suffered playing the game were significant. Many of the players I grew up with paid the ultimate price for what indeed was a game. I mean severe brain trauma, severe muscle tears, and bone damage, addiction to narcotics. You name it players like John Mackey, Bubba Smith, Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, Gale Sayers, Earl Campbell, Junior Seau, Joe Greene, Johnny Unitas, and all the great ones suffered after the ball was deflated and the cleats were taken off. I didn't know about the damage the game had done to these players because the owners kept those secrets safe and close to the vest. Now, as the game for the owners has prospered financially I simply cannot watch entire an entire NFL game because the game I grew to love looks nothing like the game that is played on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights. The game at one time was a unique experience but now it has become simply a diversionary form of entertainment that sways the public away from the serious issues that are facing the nation. At one time the major issues still resounded in this nation because the games were simply one day per week. Now the leagues are neverending with a myriad of networks clued into the league. We didn't have anything like fantasy leagues we seemed to love the players personally and performance wasn't gauged by some analytical formula. I mean now players aren't personal they are statistical formulas geared specifically to some weird set of fantasy numbers. Who in the hell invented fantasy football? Now, fantasy football has overtaken professional football in terms of viewer participation. Who remembers the Heidi Bowl? Who remembers when the New York Jets were playing the Oakland Raiders and NBC cut away from the game to show The Wonderful World of Disney? That isn't even possible now because the games are seemingly available in multiple formats across different forms of media. The actual games aren't as exciting because if you play the rugged game of the 60s', 70s, 80s' and 1990s' you will be banned from participation. I think that I outgrew the game that I once loved. I think that the game I loved simply didn't survive because it has been overexposed. I don't know maybe the NFL does have a shelf life like the Roman Games in the earliest of times. The brutality of those games couldn't survive and the brutality of the NFL won't be able to survive. Whatever is the case I long for a time when our communities could be issue-oriented and still be passionate about the NFL on Sundays. Right now this nation cares way too much about games and not enough about the issues that are crushing our very existence."