Sep. 26, 2019

Andrew Yang 2020 My Thoughts

In 1975 a little known peanut farmer Governor from Georgia named Jimmy Carter was nowhere in the national Polls and in 1991 a little known Governor from the inconsequential state of Arkansas, Bill Clinton was nowhere in the National Polls both men were elected President the following year. This year an unknown businessman Andrew Yang is slowly climbing in the National Polls he’s now #4 behind Biden, Warren, and Sanders. With a plan to make significant economic moves towards a national guaranteed income is it possible that Andrew Yang could be the kingmaker, or should I say the missing candidate who moves from unknown to highly sought after in this upcoming 2020 presidential election? I don’t know if Yang can or does replicate the performances of Carter, or Clinton but I know Andrew Yang's statistical election numbers, as well as Andrew Yang's name recognition, is climbing somewhat like the speed of a jet fighter. This candidacy of a businessman whose campaign is entirely centered on real solutions is something that cannot be ignored right by the Democratic frontrunners for long.

He recently drew an audience in Iowa home of the first political tussle of more than 12,000 interested Iowan citizens. One thing that excites me personally about Andrew Yang is that he isn't from that slate batch of lifelong politicians. Andrew Yang is a futurist focused like a laser beam on critical issues that are sure to make problems for our nation in the coming decades. First and foremost of those issues is going to be the certainty of job losses due to technological advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. By 2030, more than 33% of working Americans will lose their jobs as a result of these technological advances. It's becoming clearer than ever that the growth of AI and robotics will eliminate a vast number of jobs. There is simply nothing that will stop this train of progress.

That is why Andrew Yang's first priority is the establishment of a guaranteed basic income to every American over the age of 18 is essential. I personally think that the age requirement should drop to 16 for urban residents to ensure more students attend and graduate from secondary schools. However, this GBI is going to be essential to fill the gaps that will occur because of job loss and it will also create an incentive for creativity or creative time for Americans to become more engaged thinkers. I really do feel that what Andrew Yang is selling Americans should be more invested in buying.

The second priority is Universal Healthcare For All. This nation is simply too sick and it needs to totally revamp the healthcare system. Obamacare was simply the beginning of the revamp not the end. It has proven to be good and some areas but not comprehensive enough in others. The reality is this a revamp system that allows medical professionals to not be motivated to overtest, overprescribe, provide unnecessary surgical procedures has caused America's healthcare to run off the financial rails. The system is failing and only a complete revamping of the failed healthcare system can put the healthcare on the correct tracks for the very first time in this nation's history.

The final key component of Andrew Yang's model of a New America is the effective utilization of human-centered capitalism. We must begin to create and understand that human capital is vitally more important than created dollar capital. The current system of capitalism isn't rewarding the many but it is rewarding enormously the few. That system of economic disparity is an equation that is doomed for failure. It is simply unsustainable as more and more workers get displaced because of technological advances. We all on shipmates on the nation's fleet and that fleet will either sink or float on our abilities to utilize every aspect of available human-centered capitalism. Andrew Yang is a new thinker. This nation needs new thinkers with fresh ideas. Ideas that press the threshold of new horizons. John F. Kennedy spoke in 1961 of a  New Frontier. He spoke of Americans asking not what the government can do for them but what Americans can do for the government or the nation. Well, that historic speech was close to 60 years now. So much has changed in our nation, so much has also failed to change. What Andrew Yang is speaking about isn't a New Frontier it is nation confronted with technological advances so far ahead of the system we live in that those advances threaten our very being. I think Andrew Yang's speech will center on how we as a nation can adapt to those advances and build a more perfect union for once, and for all.