Oct. 3, 2019

Perilous times for Trump: By 45%-38%, Americans support impeaching him over Ukraine allegations, USA

48% of this nation's populace according to a USA Today poll favor the impeachment of Donald Trump. That's the same percentage of voters who voted for Hilliary Clinton. So my question is this. When will that percentage of the nation's populace who favor the impeachment of Donald Trump begin to include even a strong minority of Donald Trump's supporters? Let's say 5% of Donald Trump's supporters which will push the national figure to say 53% favoring his impeachment. Otherwise, Donald Trump may have impeachment articles passed by the House of Representative but his Impeachment trial in the US Senate will simply be a total facade. The needle for Donald Trump's impeachment must move not with those who never supported Trump from 2016 on. The needle for Donald Trump's impeachment must move to those Americans who saw all the negative aspects of Donald Trump prior to entering the polling booths in 2016 and still voted for him.

You see what happened with his escapades in Ukraine regarding the Biden's are small potatoes to what Trump had done prior to his being elected in November 2016. 48% disliked him and didn't support him on that election day and they still vigorously oppose him 3 years later. Trump should have been impeached for his actions with the Russian bots that lead to his actual election. Yet, Trump survived that Mueller investigation and unless even a small percentage of his supporters turn towards his impeachment in this situation. Donald Trump will survive this situation.

The funny thing is that his supporters may even be even more stringent in their support for Trump if this impeachment ends with Donald Trump still standing. They will see Donald Trump as beating down the so-called liberal masses that are threatening the very way of life these people hold so dear. They elected Donald Trump on the premise of making America Great Again, which to those consciously aware was saying protect at all cost the whiteness of this nation. The best thing that Congress can do is censure Donald Trump.

Keep the fight out of the US Senate which has shown to be lacking the intestinal fortitude to confront Donald Trump's supporters. The Republican Senators will find a way to pump up Trump in these proceedings leading into the 2020 elections. Keep these impeachment hearing low-keyed. Otherwise, the dynamite that may explode will be the reelection of Donald Trump in 2020. Because of the Democrats' inability to bring down Donald Trump in impeachment proceedings. Just my thoughts today as look around and search for meaning in this man's madness and his supporters' even crazier allegiance.