Oct. 3, 2019

Stop 🛑 With All This Forgiveness Black America

"“Folks are mentioning the Bible in regards to that foolishness that occurred in that Texas courtroom yesterday. Something about forgiveness, why it is that blacks are always the one’s that have to be showing forgiveness? We’ve been savaged, ravaged, vilified, lynched, unjustly imprisoned, economically deprived, educationally denied but in the end, we are the peoples’ expected to follow and demonstrate God’s abiding word. Murder us in a Charleston church founded by Denmark Vesey and we are expected to be forgiving. You can have a patrol officer shoot one of us in cold blood and you expect us to forgive and forget. Kill us in jail cells and you expect us to pray for your forgiveness on Sunday’s. Now kill us in our own home and have the white convicted murderer be hugged and comforted by the black judge and the black court officer. Enough is enough. The Bible is so many ways enslaved us and proffered ways for white society to continue to abuse us. You can turn the other cheek just so many times before neck spasms force you to turn no longer. Stop it and check yourselves being forgiving becomes being foolish when injustice starts to become acceptable.”"