Oct. 10, 2019

Righteous & Defiant Rage Guest Blogger Jason Witcher

Forgive the long raw post, but its fueled by kind of determined anger and I've gotta let this out. The enemy/enemies need to be warned...you're dealing with a different kind of man. You may bruise me, but I will not break.
I may seem to sit in a lofty position, but I serve from a humble place, I have never looked from an ivory tower, but have been muddied in the trenches.
I've not just been a talker, but a doer of the work, putting myself at risk of ridicule for the sake of righteousness. I went into the prisons to minister to those incarnated, despite been told I couldn't, been to the drug rehab centers to lift up the addicted, despite being advised I shouldn't.
I've stood in the classrooms speaking to children struggling in high school and stood motivating honor students and leaders in our universities.
I've blown a whistle and coached kids and encouraged our athletes to strive on and off the field.
I've been in the hood with jeans and boots talking face to face to young men on the streets later to advocate in the halls of justice and power with people in mansions and expensive suits.
I have worn a white robe and preached in the pulpits and worn a black robe and ministered in the courthouse.
I believe working to make a difference is a call of the kingdom and the duty of the warrior for justice. It is a treacherous journey.
I don't say this to extol my work or seek recognition, but to state my position and commitment and rebellious spirit to the adversary who prefers to stay in my assigned lane. I am on an assignment and my lane isn't determined by people but by "The One" who gave me this assignment. I am a child of the "Most High", and I am not possessed by a spirit of fear.
The truth is that I am indeed angry, a different kind of anger, not a hateful, destructive rage, but rage nonetheless. My eyes are red eyes with fatigue. My eyes are filled with righteous indignation. So hear this ....in the face of my enemies, I stand rebelliously determined, so keep heating your fiery furnace, I will not bow.
Over the years, I've been attacked and subtly threatened, been admonished and plotted against.
Most see the "glory", but not the natural and spiritual attacks that seek to derail and destroy us. Those who are committed to uplifting our communities and making a difference in the lives of people regardless of where they live or what they wear, neither the color their skin nor the color of their politics. We face attacks that come from all sides, yet who defend the struggle continue to press on.
For all who continue to stand and fight in the face of adversity, determined to be people of change, I encourage you to keep fighting.

I, my brothers and sisters, certainly will be there fighting too.