Oct. 16, 2019

The Million Man March Monetary Fund Never Happened

24 years ago today nearly 2 million black men, women, and children met at the Washington Mall for the historic Million Man March. It was truly an epic show of black empowerment. The Million Man March was the brainchild of the Most Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. One thing that the March should’ve focused on was not leaving the Nation’s Capital without a plan for economic empowerment. Can you imagine just how much economic power just a simple donation of $10.00 a month for the past 24 years by each participant would’ve created? 12 months out from 10/16/1995 that Million Man Monetary Fund without incurring any addition interest would have been $240,000,000.00 dollars. With a interest accruing rate of 3.5% you could add an additional $10,000,000 to that annual MMMF which after 24 years, can you just imagine the incredible wealth of the fund and how that fund could have truly impacted the black communities across this nation. I didn’t attend the Million Man March in 1995 but I absolutely supported the goals of the Million Man March. I just wonder after all the speeches were done why this Million Man Monetary Fund was the primary goal of the day. You see, Martin Luther King’s final Platform was to establish some semblance of economic equality in this nation. We surely would’ve had a definite impact on numerous policies and developments with 24 years of contributions coming from the participants of the initial Million Man March. A speech cannot feed you, or shelter you, or cloth you. You need money to do that.