Oct. 17, 2019

Rest In Peace Elijah Cummings

Congressman Elijah Cummings passed away early this morning rest in power to this HBCU alum from Howard University. I read a statement from Marilyn Mosby saying that Mr. Cummings that Baltimore City has never had a greater champion. Well that is a great tribute but I can add this Congressman Cummings was a great champion for the citizens of Baltimore. You shouldn’t measure greatness in civic duty against others who have committed their lives to the uplift of others. I can only say that in annals of Baltimore City’s great black civic leaders Congressman Cummings now joins the ranks of the Mitchell Brothers Clarence Sr. and Parren, Du Burns, Lillian Jackson, Thurgood Marshall, John Murphy, Verda Welcome, Howard Rawlings and so many others who fought the fight so that we all could live better lives in Baltimore. Rest well Congressman Cummings. I wish that you had lived longer enough to see your successor elected. I guess you could say Congressman Elijah Cummings died with his political boots still on fighting the fight against injustice and inhumanity until his last dying breath.