Oct. 19, 2019

"One Million Views"

In order for our community to reach its full potential, we must focus our energies on the full development of our youth. Understanding that one's ability to read and comprehend, write effectively, communicate with others, think critically and turn creative thoughts into direct action will ensure that our communities will maximize their potentials.

So it is imperative that we are teaching our youth to elevate each one of these traits and abilities. Not one of these skils is more important than the other. Each serves a purpose to complete the picture of a whole person capable of building up what is needed to be uplifted. If our communities do in fact develop an ample supply of youth purpose-focused and strategy-oriented through a mastery level of the critical skills than we as a community will not and cannot be stopped from turning each of our communities from human deserts of despair to communities that radiate a powerful force of positive change. They will turn into the oasis that they are intended to become.

That is the role of my blog in this mission to support the goal of transferring knowledge and thoughts dedicated to the uplift of our youths in every community across this nation. I would like to thank a million views I have acquired since I began this project a few years ago. This blog along with The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour Project is my gift back to our community for I truly believe in the mantra, each one teaches one.