Oct. 21, 2019

Pay Your Fair Share Uber Rich "The Ultra Millionaire Tax"

Why would every person whose wealth rises above 50 million dollars object to paying an additional 2 cents for each dollar above that figure annually to support the betterment of the society that assisted them in building that wealth? Some of these individuals actually pay little or no taxes based on the number of monies that they have accrued. There are about 75,000 households that fit into this category. Elizabeth has indicated that over a ten-year period this revenue plan can bring nearly 3 trillion dollars into the nation's economy.

If we can build and improve schools, improve and maximize public education across the nation and rebuild the crumbling infrastructures. Why not have those multi-multi millionaires and multi-multi billionaires foot some of the cost? Hell, I don't think 2 cents isn't enough considering the myriad of concerns that we face as a nation. I would actually increase the levy to 5 cents per dollar annually. The wealth disparity in this nation is a huge injustice that needs to be rectified.

Elizabeth Warren's Ultra-Millionaire Tax is a solution that should have been in place since the days of the original super ungodly rich Carnegie, Du Pont, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Morgan. It's catch up time in the nation and no longer can the middle class bare the burden of building and rebuilding this nation. Another thing you will not be able to hide your wealth in shell accounts on foreign shores to avoid this Ultra Millionaire Tax because if you are indicted and convicted of avoiding the tax. The Ultra Millionaire Tax moves from being a legal requirement of 2-5 cents per dollar to a punitive assessment of 25-50 per dollar and jail time.

This is the only way that the Ultra Millionaire Tax will work because many of these individuals will leave the nation and gain citizenship in other favorable nations. However, that will not work because if you or your corporate interests continue to do business in this nation. You will still obligated to pay that annual assessment. Of the Republican Party and even the Democratic Party shills, they will oppose these revenue programs because of the many lobbyists who front for the Ultra Millionaires. However, if the majority of the nation votes for change than change will finally happen.

Expect a huge battle in the nation's courts on the constitutionality of such a tax assessment. Expect the guns are blazing in the legislative halls not only in Congress but also in statehouses across this nation battling against this tax assessment. Because one thing the uber-rich has is an unending supply of monies to defeat such a measure. Yet, if we stand strong, ALL OF US against 75,000 households, we win this battle. It's a battle that must be fought even if Elizabeth Warren isn't elected President. This measure is a measure that should be adopted by every one of the Democratic Party Presidential candidates.