Oct. 21, 2019

Julian Castro It Looks To Me That You Are Out

I know that I shouldn't be going there but I will Hispanics make up 17.6% of this nation's population. So why is that every month Julian Castro comes begging and threatening to end his campaign if he doesn't get a certain amount of financial support? There are 56.6 million Hispanics currently living in the USA not including the thousands upon thousands of undocumented Hispanics. If each Hispanic US citizen donated 5 dollars to Castro's campaign he would have enough money to stop this insistent monthly begging. Hey Julian Castro, either you are in or you are out. If you are registering .08 in the national polls currently. That means Julian Castro even your Hispanic community isn't behind you. So, in other words, you are out! I not saying that every Hispanic should blindly follow Castro's campaign by damn can he get at least 30-50% of them too?