Oct. 24, 2019

We Need More Shepherds

Yesterday on my Facebook timeline one of my friends made this quote "If you want to be a good shepherd you must smell like your sheep".
This comes from a quote by Pope Francis he made to his priests. Pope Francis was discussing the imagery of Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd willing to lay his life down to protect the defenseless in the world.

Of course, my initial thought was but don't wolves the archenemy and devourer of sheep love the smell of sheep? Then, I thought for just a moment. Yes, they do and that's the catch. The shepherd fools the wolf in thinking that the coast is clear for him to run amok amongst the defenseless sheep only to be devoured by the shepherd.

Our leaders who protect the innocent from the wolves in our society must live amongst the sheep. Otherwise the defenseless will always be in danger of being overrun by the wolves. The fact is in many of our communities across this nation the shepherds live away from the sheep, away from the herd that needs protection. So the dangers that the residents of these communities are always visible.

Currently, it seems that the wolves are constantly being fed, and there are no shepherds to protect them from the onslaught of attacks. What our communities need fewer wolves and many, many more shepherds.