Oct. 28, 2019

In His Words, My Voice Levi Coffin, A Man Of Principle Who Felt All Peoples Deserved Equality

Levi Coffin was born on October 28. 1798 was one of the leading proponents of the Underground Railroad, the pathway to freedom for our ancestors escaping the chains of slavery. Some have even described Levi Coffin as the Father of the Underground Railroad. Although, many historians feel that William Still of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania holds that honor.

On The Blackman's Blog today I read the words of Mr. Coffin on my blog. Because Levi Coffin understood that an individual's color shouldn't ever matter when people's freedoms and human rights are concerned. Mr. Coffin despised slavery and worked almost his entire adult life to eradicate that evil institution. So, today, I remember his contributions to our historical story and our continued strive towards absolute democracy.

Thank you, ‚ÄčLevi Coffin.
Today 224 years after your birth