Oct. 29, 2019

Everyday Is Murder Central In Baltimore City Even A Weekday

"Man, there’s gonna be nobody left if they keep doing this"

Three black people murdered in Baltimore City last night, on a Tuesday night, not a weekend but a Tuesday night in 3 separate shooting incidents. Baltimore City is a city in peril and I really don't understand why the level of violence is so deadly. Neither does the political leadership that is responsible for corralling this problem. Baltimore City is a dangerous place after dark and that danger isn't just happening on the weekends. I remember Malcolm X spoke of visiting the emergency rooms on the weekends that cater to the black communities and view the stabbings and gunshots wounded victims. However, in Baltimore City, you have to go to the City Morgue because the city's black shooters are pinpoint and accurate and have deadly intentions. In 2020 a new Mayor, City Council President, and City Comptroller will be elected but as that black West Baltimore resident said last night: Man, there’s gonna be nobody left if they keep doing this who's going to be around to go to the polls with all these murderous acts of deadly intention? The more I purview the situation in Baltimore City, the more I'm perplexed that any of the current city administrators have a clue as to true solutions. When the weekday murder rate matches or surpasses the weekend murder rate in Baltimore City. Then where can city residents who are locked down in homes in those affected areas because of fear of violence turn for help? The police of Baltimore City frightened the residents as much as those who do the killing. There has to be a call for morality and humanity in Baltimore City. However, it seems no one wants to be outside their doors to answer the call.

Real change, true change, real solutions and an end to this madness, murder, and mayhem needs to come soon because Baltimore City is killing its future on a daily basis.