Nov. 4, 2019


I have the upmost respect for Kweisi Mfume but he’s simply way too old to service the 7th Congressional District of Maryland. The issues are so complex and pressing for the majority of the 7th District. Issues that need solutions coming from a different perspective. I went to Morgan with Kweisi Mfume and I truly believe his commitment is real but why not select a viable candidate like State Delegate Nick Mosby. He fits the persona and age of a younger Kweisi when he was first elected to Congress in 1986. I know he is considering a run for City Council President but I really believe he is suited to be a Congressman for the next 6 terms at least. Mfume would be 83 years old in 12 years while Mosby will be 52 years old. It’s time for residents of the 7th Congressional District not to vote on name recognition but place a vote for someone whose youth and ideals are looking forward not backwards. I truly hope that Nick Mosby makes the decision to run and somehow convinces Kweisi Mfume to reconsider the decision he made today. I not ready to support Elijah Cummings widow simply because she’s Elijah Cummings widow. However, Nick Mosby is around the same age as Kweisi Mfume was when he was first elected to Congress. That didn’t work out too badly for the voters of the 7th. Of all the electable candidates considering running for the open seat. The individual I think would make the best candidate hasn’t shown an interest in running but should. Nick Mosby, Baltimore born, Baltimore educated and came back home to build a family and help grow the city. I know that he was educated also at Tuskegee University so he has the spirit of greatness in his blood. I hope he decides to run.