Nov. 5, 2019

This Nation Needs A Mental Flushing

Over the past three tow incidents that actually occurred in this nation pretty explain the sickness that permeates our society. One event that occurred in Mississippi was a band of seven sick white degenerates who decided it was a good idea to show up at the historical marker that locates the place where Emmitt Till's body was dumped in the Tallahatchie River in August 1955. These fools felt it was a good idea to record a youtube video standing in front of this historical marker and ask the question "where are the white people?". The fact that Emmitt Till's historical marker is one of the most desecrated historical sites in the entire nation spells how racism still inflicts this nation from the inside out. How many times can white racists attempt to kill an innocent 14-year-old boy who was already tortured beyond belief in 1955? Also, why do these same thinking white people feel the need to not allow this boy's spirit too has any sense of eternal comfort? This show of white sickness was purely a play for attention. They received the desired attention because in a sickening society a show of racial hatred seems to draw media attention. You, we, I, and others can't seem to ignore ignorance. I guess these white brethren felt that black folks were getting a little more attention than necessary this weekend with the release of the movie Harriet, which is a story based on the life of Harriet Tubman.

Then yesterday evening in a shopping plaza about 2o miles from my home in Oxon Hill, Maryland an absolutely foolish act of temporary insanity occurred. At the Popeye's Restaurant, two black men got into a scuffle over the just re-release of the Popeye's chicken sandwich. This wasn't an act of racial rage that occurred in Mississippi. This was an act of foolish stupidity between two black individual adult males over a damn 5 dollar chicken sandwich. Why did this man die? Because he was foolish enough to sneak in line to get his damn chicken sandwich faster.

First, just a little background on Popeye's chicken sandwich which is a sodium enriched unhealthy fast-food creation that was introduced this summer. It seemed that the black community couldn't get enough of this sandwich. In many black urban and even black suburban enclaves across this nation. Our communities waited in line for literally hours just to buy this sandwich. It became so popular that Popeye franchises all over the nation sold out of this item. Well, Popeye's re-released the sandwich on Sunday past, and again our brothers and sisters flocked to buy the chicken sandwich again. Is it injected with "crack", or is it fried in marijuana oil, or possibly both? One this for sure it excited the black community. Similar to when Apple releases a new iPhone and the white community flocks en masse to the nearest Apple Store and wait in line for hours until the stores open. White folks get excited about technology. Black folks get uber excited about a damn chicken sandwich.

Well, yesterday, while waiting in line for a chicken sandwich a fight broke out between these two black men which resulted in the murder of one of the men. He was stabbed to death over as the police spokesperson said an incident that tied directly to the infamous Popeye's chicken sandwich. How do you even get those words out of your mouth with a damn smirk? It's simply unfathomable that someone in our community decided that a chicken sandwich was worth the price of a life. How can you even collate your thought processes to gather the energy to kill your black brother for a damn piece of chicken. It is an indication that the mental sickness that permeates parts of the white community is just as pervasive in the black communities. This nation needs to be flushed out. Really, a mental flushing of all those elements that go into creating white individuals who will not allow a boy cold-bloodily in 1955 to rest in peace and two black men willing to duel to the death over a damn chicken sandwich. I see quite often tow words that appear on social media after events like these, "no words". Well, the time has come to say yes there are words to describe this madness. This nation has elements within it that create the atmosphere to produce acts like these.

We have to flush out those elements or we will continue to experience mass murders, insane acts of racism, foolish stupidity, and absolute ignorance. We are failing to educate so many in the community to become rational citizens. I just don't understand the continued madness. I can only pray that we find a way to do better. In a nation based on democracy and freedom. We still aren't free or very democratic.