Nov. 5, 2019

600,000 Unique Viewers Achieved

I remember clearly 3 years ago struggling to get more than 15 people per day to visit my blog. I was told by some that this effort was a waste of my valuable time. Yet I persevered and followed my heart that my voice and my words had some meaning to my audience. Slowly but surely the contact rate of unique viewers began to grow substantially. I reached a total of 135,000 unique viewers on this 11/05/2017 which was two years ago today. That meant something to me personally because building a blog based on my thoughts, our ancestors' history, and uplifting the cause of universal black literacy in the communities across this nation. I now have regular viewers of my blog who approach me when I am out and about who tell me how they follow my blog with interest. The thing that is so rewarding is that these individuals are of different ages and sex. That means so much too me. It means that all that I do every day to create material on this blog has proved to be worthwhile to others.

My blog was initially established to primarily to keep my mind off of the pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis as a result of the nerve damage I suffered in 2011. Early this morning I surpassed 600,000 unique viewers on JoeSmokeBlackThoughts which is an enormous accomplishment in the blogging arena. There are literally hundreds of millions of online blogs and vlogs currently on the worldwide web. So when you have a blog that reaches capture rates in the hundreds of thousands of viewers is significant. The central page of my blog has over 900,000 page views and my entire blog has surpassed 1,000,000 page views. So today I would like to thank all of my followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In for giving my voice some power on the worldwide web. As I begin my new journey south to live just know that I will continue to build on JoeSmokeBlackThoughts as a voice for positive change in our communities.

Thank You For Your Support
As Always I Remain Yours In Power & Resolve