Nov. 9, 2019


My Friend, Morgan State University Alum, Walter Fields wrote this today and it spoke to me. So, today Walter Fields is my guest blogger.

We must restore #BlackIntegrity.

I see Black men killing Black women and Black children and youth murdered by their peers. I don't care what anyone else is doing, we must restore #BlackIntegrity. I see preachers living in prosperity pastoring churches situated in poverty. #BlackIntegrity matters. I hear music that offends, insults and shames the culture. Restore #BlackIntegrity Our elders are disrespected. Where is #BlackIntegrity The Black middle class bathes in materialism and excess. Where is #BlackIntegrity We bury our children and our future in graves. Our elected officials celebrate themselves. We must restore #BlackIntegrity.

We must, we can be...better. #BlackIntegrity