Nov. 11, 2019

Brother’s Story Veterans Day

"“For so many years I've been conflicted about Veterans Day because I know that I must honor the many Black Americans who have served our nation gallantly. However, I also feel that had it not been for the Vietnam War my Brother Ralph Hall would most likely lived out a fantastic life. Yet it was in the barracks prior to going to the war that some idiot playing with a M16 fired off a round hitting my brother by mistake. He wasn't killed but he wasn't the same after that. He came from Vietnam addicted to heroin lost and out of touch. He ended up in the penal system. He fought his demons all his life until those demons finally took his life. My brother wasn't perfect but he was extremely intelligent his IQ measured off the charts and he never really was challenged in school. By the time he left this world he had a master degree and drug habit that he was never really able to beat. So every Veterans Day I honor the veterans who have protected my freedom to be able to write this post. Yet, I feel that my government put my Brother in a un winnable situation and for that I cannot give them a pass.
RIP RALPH MARSHALL HALL I miss you dearly. America hasn’t treated its black veterans with the respect they deserved. For many black men in the armed forces the battles on foreign were not as difficult as the battles faced in the nation they were supposed to be protected. The Double Victory Campaign victory against the oppression of the Axis Power and victory against this nation, America’s oppressive white supremacy, so understand your history and don’t be so easily tricked by deception and illusions caused by our history being carpeted by those who would choose to deceive us.“"