Nov. 13, 2019

Do Your Own Research Don’t Let Hollywood Do It For You

"Six years ago the story of Solomon Northrop’s book 12 Years A Slave was released as a movie. I was ambivalent about going to see the movie. Why? Because I was tried of watching movies released by white majority owned studios depicting the enslavement of my ancestors.

Well, my revelation was why and the hell are black communities subjected to this onslaught of movies that show black Americans subjected to constantly seeing our ancestors being placed as slaves. Very few historical movies show blacks rising up and taking down the oppressive forces of white supremacy.

Why are we paying money to majority owned studios to generate revenue, while few of those generated dollars end back into the black communities. I am tired of seeing movies based on evil forced on my ancestors. The first important factor is this; all Black Americans should get into these movies free. So sorry movie studios but I can't and won’t do it. i won't spend a single dollar to support these fictional depictions that honestly don’t truthfully create a realism, but a contrived script to meet the time constraints of a movie.

First and foremost every American who is a descendant of our enslaved people should have some incentive to see these movies. Second, revenues should be reverted back to the black communities. This essay is timely now because the movie Harriett is currently in screens across this country. The major benefactors will be Focus Films and Comcast. Again, we are being asked to see a embattled legion of slaves enduring punishment while the white masters raked in the revenues and even save the day for Harriet Tubman. No, I need a different formula of black historical depictions.

For this black man I'll just have to remember the stories my Daddy told me his ancestors told him about the real thing. I’ll do my own reading and research to learn the whole stories. I can't buy into this scheme to take my monies to see these atrocities.

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