Sep. 15, 2021

"BRM Black Reparations Matter"

"The NFL and the NBA comprise a significant portion of the African American players in both those leagues. Last year it seemed that every team and every black player fashioned the moniker Black Lives Matter. But, in reality, Black Lives Matter didn't or doesn't bridge the economic gap that exists between the black descendants of our enslaved ancestors, as well as our ancestors who were denied the ability to grow generational wealth due to Jim Crow oppression and mass incarceration and the descendants of the white population. The elements of oppression benefited and allowed their ancestors to gain enormous wealth as a result of these tactics of oppression. So, rather than wearing a BLM teeshirt, or a BLM logo on cleats, or putting BLM on basketball courts. Why not change the logo and focus on Black Reparations Matter because that will truly address what is wrong with black communities throughout this nation. Erase black economic deprivation and this nation will go a long way to making Black Lives Matter, repay The Debt now. However, will these players make that slight chance? Because that economic change in strategy will cause a seismic eruption across this nation. #blackreparationsmatter"