Jan. 3, 2022

I Am Cheering, Not Jeering Antonio Brown, How About You Brother?

To all those who ridiculed Antonio Brown yesterday especially black men. You all need to read William C. Rhoden's book 40 Million Slaves, you need to comprehend that these professional players are putting their ability to lead productive future lives on the line every week. Fans don't see it now playing out after the game crowd cheers end when players cannot get out of bed on Monday morning. Fans don't see it when retired players need all new joints just to walk up the stairs in their homes. Fans don't see it when former players cannot lift their children in their arms because of the damaged back injury incurred while fans cheered that player giving up his body to block an opponent. You don't see it when former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vince Jackson drank himself to death alone in a hotel room away from the cheers due to the brain injuries he unknowingly suffered playing the game while fans cheered him on. You didn't know how dangerous those in-game brain injuries were until you saw the violent actions of Aaron Hernandez, Jovan Belcher, and Phillip Adams. Were Rae Carruth's actions and decisions in 1999 impaired by Chronic traumatic encephalopathy? We won't know until Carruth's dead and his brain can be analyzed for damage. How much damage has been done by former players and even players that have been hidden from public view? So when Antonio Brown told the team's coaches that he wasn't healthy enough to play yesterday. Black fans especially shouldn't be jeering and castigating Antonio Brown they should be cheering him. Because when the cheering ends it's only going to be the loved ones and Antonio Brown himself taking care of the body that incurred those bodily injuries while you cheered him on.