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Jun. 19, 2021

You can’t decreed me free you see God made us free
All you white folks wanted was as many black bodies as possible hanging from trees
So don’t you dare decree the day you think you made us free
If we were freed explain Rosewood, Elaine, Greenwood, Chicago, Colfax, Wilmington, explain Red Summer, since we were free
If we were free explain Birmingham, Selma, Augusta, Montgomery, Jackson
If we were free explain why Louis Till and Emmitt Till was lynched a decade apart
So don’t tell me about June 19, 1865 and black folks being set free
Don’t think I will be singing songs about celebrating with glee
You see June 19, 1865 isn’t about me because I don’t think in this nation we were ever free.

Jun. 18, 2021

"Tomorrow is JUNETEENTH, but it is also the date that the supposed historic life changing legislation for Black Americans passed the Senate by a vote of 73-27 on June 19, 1964, and was signed by Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Civil Rights Bill, 1964. The 27 votes against the Civil Rights Bill came from the Democratic Segregationist Senators in the southern states along with the Republican Presidential Candidate in 1964, Barry Goldwater. Since that day of that signing in 1964 or the issuance secured a century earlier on June 19, 1863 has the United States truly changed or were the constitutional promises kept in reference to Black Americans? Or is the check due Black Americans still stamped insufficient funds? If the United States had enforced the Bill of Rights, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments and the Constitution, then those civil rights bills in 1964, 1965, 1968 would not have been necessary. You see rights that have been demanded historically by Black Americans have been ignored by this nation as a whole, but if you give Black Americans a chance to party, hell yeah we are there. Because, if you think most Black Americans can tell you about the history of Juneteenth you will be sadly misinformed."

Jun. 17, 2021
Jun. 17, 2021
Jun. 17, 2021

If Every Black American Posted One Example We Could Create A Reparations Textbook