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Jan. 16, 2021

by Phillip Jackson, Founder and Chairman

June 26, 2007

What will America do with 36 million Black Americans now that there is no more cotton to pick? Last summer, I visited Mississippi. This was my first travel to the rural, deep south. To my surprise, I found that Black people were not involved in the planting, growing or harvesting of cotton. Instead, while White and Latino men drove machines that harvested the cotton, I saw hundreds of young Black men standing idle on street corners, drinking alcoholic beverages throughout the day and evening. For Black people in the South, there is no more cotton to pick.

Jan. 15, 2021

Jemile Hill you are always on point seemingly except this Twitter post from yesterday was a bit confusing. Yes, Abraham Lincoln emancipated slaves not being held in all confederate territories controlled by Union military forces on January 1, 1863. Yes, he did in fact pay 900 slave owners in the District of Columbia on April 16, 1862, reparations while in the midst of the Civil War. The payments to each slave owner amounted to $300.00 for each District of Columbian slave. So, yes the only reparations that were indeed paid during the Civil War was paid in 1862.

Of course Lincoln offered slavery reparations to the rebels of the confederacy numerous times both publicly and privately. Lincoln’s final offer of $400.00 per slave for those who could prove ownership of our ancestors was made 2 months before the end of the Civil War. However, Alexander Stephen and the other Confederacy representatives said no to the reparations because they wanted their slaves not the money.

So, yes, Jemile, Lincoln paid reparations to satisfy 900 District of Columbia slave owners but the majority of white slave owners even knowing that a certain defeat to Union forces wanted not monies but the continuation of slavery. As a matter of fact within 2 decades those white slave owners and their white descendants had their slaves back under a more dangerous and deadly condition motivated by Jim Crow and Black Codes.

No healing just a continuation of the same racial hatred and oppression that have afflicted black Americans for over 400 years.

Jan. 15, 2021

On the 92nd birthday of America’s Drum Major, I revisit his final unfulfilled dream. The promise broken by America’s Institutions that guaranteed hope and equality to Black Americans but only provided undue and enormous economic suffering. Let’s look at that promise today Field Order # 15 on MLK’s birthday.

Jan. 14, 2021

Lift Every Voice and Sing, Congressman James Clyburn, won’t feed the hungry, clothe the needy, eliminate the urban blight, create black economic opportunities, erase black judicial injustice, build black educational institutions that can compete with America’s primarily white educational institutions, provide clean and healthy essential resources to black communities, nor the singing of that song erase the racism that permeates throughout this nation, it will not heal the historical harm that oppressive governmental policies that has caused suffering to black Americans and the ancestors of black Americans, it will not bring the needed judgement of retribution to the murderers of innocent black Americans, it will not recover the economic losses that white supremacy policies that black Americans endured, and finally Congressmen James Clyburn it will not loosen the chains of inequality that severed black American progress. So by making the song this country’s hymn. So if you think Lift Every Voice and Sing will bring healing to America without some form of comprehensive reparations to black Americans. You sir are barking up the wrong tree. It’s just a song, a great song yes, but still just a song. White America must repay the harm by more than lifting their voices and singing.

Jan. 13, 2021

When you look back at America’s history since the 1860s’ relating to the two major political parties just when one party has seemingly been given its last rights. The dying party has been resuscitated by white Americans who needed a political party to wage a war against any form of racial equality in this nation. In the 1850s’ the Democratic Party was thriving in America with a anti-abolitionist position that eventually lead to a Civil War and the destruction of the Southern Democratic Party. Within a decade that same Democratic Party had been revived by the vile racial hatred of white Americans who couldn’t stand the thought of racial equality between themselves and their former slaves. By the end of the nineteenth century the Democratic Party deemed dead was once again thriving because of its allegiance to its racial policies. It took until the mid-1960’s before the descendants of the southern Democrats had to make choice of race over racial equality. No longer a viable position within the Northern dominated Democratic Party these white Americans choose a new political alliance. That choice was the Republican Party. 


The Republicans were a dying party after the  1964 trouncing of Barry Goldwater by Lyndon Johnson in the Presidential Election. The Republicans had lost its power base in almost every level of government. A change was needed and Richard Nixon, who had lost a razor thin presidential election to John Kennedy in 1960, knew how to fill the void and rebuild the Republican Party. Nixon appealed to what he called the silent majority. In reality that supposed silent white American was the same white American who felt that they were being ignored by the Democratic Party. It was the white American whose white ancestors at the turn of the century choose racial animosity over racial cooperation. The Republicans lead by Richard Nixon directed a southern campaign to convert those white American Democrats to white American Republicans and it succeeded. The Republican Party looked like a powerful political movement until Watergate supposedly put the Republican Party on life support. However, within Ronald Reagan’s dawning of a new day in America revived them again but using racism as a pulling force. During this period from 1980 to 1992 saw images of Willie Horton, black welfare queens, urban violence flash across television screens during the elections to draw back those disenchanted white Americans to revive renewed interest once again in the Republican Party.


The Democrats maintained a open door political front but during Clinton’s Presidential term attempted to draw back in those white racist Americans by promoting law and order and the specific policies that incarcerated black Americans. It didn’t work because the Republicans had mastered the race card. In 2008 because of a dire financial crisis even white Americans whose racism had motivated them politically choose to side with the Democratic Party to solve the nation’s financial woes. But by 2016, racists and racism was back on the front burners of white Americans who again choose race over equality and the Trump Era began. 


As in 1974, the Republican Party is torn asunder by inner turmoil caused by Trump’s rabid followers. The question is being asked now as it was asked as Nixon’s exit. Can the Republican Party survive? The answer will be yes because they have mastered the race card strategy. As long as they(i.e. Republicans) continue to play that card this nation will never be a Perfect Union. Because the imperfections will be measured by America’s bending towards racism and inequality.